Which author’s books do you enjoy?

This morning, I would like you to choose a book by an author you like. As a comment, explain below:

– why you like that author

– what other books by that author you have read

– what you think might happen in the book you have chosen.

Inference and deduction – The Reluctant Dragon

The following paragraph is from ‘The Reluctant Dragon’. What does this tell you about how St George was feeling at the time? What did he think of his horse? How would his voice have sounded at the time? What does ‘Oriental flow of imagery’ mean? Use parts of the text to explain your answers.

St George had dismounted his and tightening his girths, and telling his horse, with quite an Oriental flow of imagery, exactly what he thought of him, and his relations, and his conduct on the present occasion; so the Boy made his way down to the Saint’s end of the line and held his spear for him.

Mr Hall

The invasion of the Anglo Saxons

Have a look at this website:

BBC Primary History arrival of the Anglo Saxons

Then try the quiz at the bottom of the page.

Leave a comment telling me something you have learned about the Anglo Saxon invasion.

Mystery Story – Shared Write

Inspired by Harris Burdick

Inspired by Harris Burdick

Mystery Stories Narrated by Jaycee

Mystery Stories
Narrated by Jaycee

Anglo Saxon Report!

Rules of a good comment

1. Be positive – always begin with what you like about a post.
2. Ask a question – because that will encourage people to reply to your comment.
3. Suggest an improvement – Politely, suggest how could the post be even better.

Olivia’s writing inspired by Harris Burdick!

The unhinged door clicked shut.The gear clunked
As an air filled the old,dusty car.As they set down the road
The dust from the landscape whistled past the coughing

As the man’s voice crumbled he repeated what he said.

Early Work Maths!

This morning in maths we were asked to select a maths game to play with a partner. We had to be ready to use our timetables. Have a look at our fun Friday start! image

Shared Writing in 4a!

Look to the right! Here you will see the link to our shared write audios. Team Honeyman and Team Wardlow worked to develop a mystery story based on the wonderful illustrations of Harris Burdick. We were so engaged throughout and can’t wait to write our own on Friday. Please leave comments! Big thank you to our narrators Maria and Jaycee.


Infer-I  Infer that the girl is a person that is decent because she has formal clothes.She might even live in the forest because she looks like she is comfortable with her surroundings.

Wonder-I wonder she lives in an cottage near the forest because the place looks peaceful.

Observe- I observe she is in a dark silent forest because it looks like there is no one there except her.

Oscar and Alphonse

Infer: She’s sad that she has to leave the caterpillars. Maybe when they said goodbye they were going to kill her. She might get bitten by a caterpillar and might die.

Wonder:The caterpillars might be crazy,floating monsters that are disguised as caterpillars. The monsters might be able to turn into anything they like. They might kill her and take her to a weird, creepy land that no one ever knew it existed.

Observe:The grass swishing from side to side and the girl’s sad and lonely face.The girl holding the caterpillars and the lovely summer sunset. The girl’s hair floating up into the air.

The Chronicles of Harris Burdick – Oscar and Alphonse

She knew it was time to send them back. The caterpillars softly wriggled in her hand, spelling out “goodbye.”


What can you infer, wonder and observe from this picture?

The mysterious Harris Burdick

imageToday we jumped into the world of Harris Burdick! What did we wonder and what did we infer 4a?

The Reluctant Dragon – St George’s Class Text

Read the description of the Dragon’s behaviour when he met ‘the Boy’ on pages 11-13. How does this compare with how you might expect a dragon to behave? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Solar eclipse project

LO: Can I explain what a solar eclipse is?

This week and next week, I would like you to exaplain excactly what a solar eclipse is. Here are some questions for you to consider:

– What happens during a solar eclipse?
– Why are they unusual?
– When will the next one be?
– Are there any other types of eclipse?
– How can you safely view a solar eclipse?

Here are some websites which might help you:

Space facts
How to make a pinhole camera

If you would like to add pictures, use Photopin and make sure you choose the images which are NOT sponsored.

You can persent your information anyway you like. Think about using apps such as explain everything (which can include audio or video), or pic collage and of course you can use good, old fashioned text in a blog post.

You will be working in pairs, with an iPad each. I would like one of you to research your information and one of you to present.

In year 4 we have been writing balanced arguments. We have selected our favourite topics and have uplevelled our arguments for our global audience.

Can you code your own game?

This morning we will be coding our own ‘Flappy Bird’ style game. Click on this link to see if you can create your own game – it’s easier than you think!

Once you’ve mastered this have a look at this version of the game created in Scratch. Have a look at the code blocks used to create the game. It might look complicated at first, but how many of the blocks have you already used? Leave a comment below.

Our new class text – Stig of the Dump!

This week during our early work and guided reading sessions we have been enjoying our new class text. We are discovering new vocabulary everyday and you can tell this book was first published in 1963. Who can summarise the plot so far? image

What was your Mastermind topic?

Star of the week…Soraira!

Creating secure logins

Last week we discussed how to create a secure password.

We agreed three rules for a good password. Can you remember what they are? Post them below if you can!

You can also post a comment explaining why we need passwords and which things use passwords.

4a’s Trip to Touchstones…

Kasim and Easha! Stars of the week!

Over the last two weeks our stars have been... Yousuf, Amirah, Hamzah and Afsheen. Fantastic contributions!

Over the last two weeks our stars have been… Yousuf, Amirah, Hamzah and Afsheen. Fantastic contributions!

KS2 Disco Groovers!

KS2 Disco Groovers!



The chariot challenge

Last night at 10PM at the Egyptian stadium two great chariot racers had a race. One man called Callum is a great racer he was 31 but Dave was 40 . Both horses set off Wales racing Callum started to whip Dave instead of his horse instead of  watching their horses.

Horus vs Seth by dale and Cameron




Yesterday seth ripped Osiris into 14 pieces and chucked them into the sea.But there was a battle Horus vs Seth to the death of Osiris like a payback,they fought all day and night and Horus won and his dad will stay in his heart.

Seth Horus Osiris by Husna

Yesterday,  Seth & Osiris were riding on their Chariots. Seth is 18 years old & hates his brother. Osiris is 14 years old. A spokesperson for Seth said this “Seth will kill Osiris tomorrow at 11:00pm” It was a. Party and someone shouted its Seth .!

People were trying to go in a box & if they fit in the box their there the new ruler of Egypt , but Seth made sure Osiris would fit.

Chariot Challge Ja and Seth by Abbie

Yesterday night,at Egypt City two great men one called Seth,32 year old and comes from North Egypt. And one called Ja,20 years old,come from South Egypt.”I love Ja because he is the best!” Said a spectator.It is now 11:00 am and the race is beginning.They took a spectator in a office to speck to him.

“what is your favourite rider?”said the manger of the city.Mean while,racing Seth and Ja  was looking at each other. Suddenly,Seth got his whip and sma

Evil Egyptians !!! By Aysha

Headlines: Yesterday Evening,at Seth’s party,towards the end he made an announcement that whoever could fit in his golden chest could keep it!At last,when he called Osiris he fitted perfectly & Seth sealed him up and chucked him at sea.Everybody are worried and do not know where he is sent.We are on a search. By Aysha

Osiris and Seth by Amber

Yesterday In Egypt there where four gods Osiris,Seth,Isis and Nephtys Osiris got married two ISis Seth got married to nephtis.seth had a party he had a chest.Because he wanted to be king.Seth let Osiris In the chest he fitted very well.As soon as Osiris got in the chest Seth sealed it up and threw it on the river Nile, just because Seth wanted to be king.

The newspaper of Seth and Osiris by Afsheen and soraia

Last year Seth was a angry, bad man and Osiris was a helper and happy  man . On the very next day Seth had a party in his house  and he wanted everyone to come . Seth brought a new ,shiny chest everybody tryed to fit in but no one can fit in only Osiris can fit in so his closed the lid quickly and throwed in the river Nile . He wanted to be the king of the earth that’s why he throwed it in the river Nile so no one finds it for ever . But he was wrong.



Nabil’s News!

Yesterday night a big fight for who should be throne took place in The Valley Of The Kings.Trajan and Maximilian were the most powerful warriors.They trained until the time came.The Pharoah  shouted ”LET THE BATTLE COMMENSE!”They clashed.Trajan pounced and stabbed Maximilian.He fell to the floor. He died…

Ancient Egyptians newspaper

Horus vs Seth 

It was 100 years ago in ancient Egypt where Seth and Horus battled to be king. It was a tough battle but Horus won. Isis wanted Horus to win because Horus is Isis son. People thought that Seth would win but it was Horus.The fight took three days.seth was banished from ancient Egypt.


The curse of the tomb!

Last week Howard Carter  found lots of tombs . One day he asked a boy for some water  he found king tuts tomb he told Howard where the tomb and he discovered it in 1923.

Seth’s Silver box Secret!

Seth was Osiris’s brother.  Osiris was the king of Egypt.Seth wanted to be the king of Egypt.Seth thought of a secret plan.Next morning Seth held a party up and explained who ever fits in this silver shiny box they could keep it however he only made it fit his brother…

Our ‘Bear Hunt’ Movie trailers

Egyptian Artwork!

Turn it up! Science Wow Starter!

Our Ancient Egyptian Afterlife Shop!

Ancient Egyptian Afterlife a Shop!

Mummification process! Gruesome!

For more mummification facts!

Why are mummies called mummies?

Our focus question in our Ancient Egyptian lessons. Who can reply with some amazing facts?

He’s Seen The Light – Finale

Verse 1 He’s seen the light! Humbug’s seen the light!
And now everything is gonna be alright.
’Cause he’s one happy brother filled with Christmas joy,
Getting worked-up like an excited little boy!
Here’s the biggest U-turn since Mr Scrooge himself
Thought some turkey might improve Tiny Tim’s health!
O Alleluia! Let’s sing in praise!
Who’d have thought that he would really change his ways?
We’ve got to wear these shades, the future is so bright
Now Mr Humbug, at last, has seen the light!

Verse 2 He’s seen the light! Humbug’s seen the light!
And now everything is gonna be alright.
’Cause he’s at last been bitten by the Christmas bug,
And now he’s climbing out the deep hole that he’d dug.
Here’s the biggest shocker since Gabriel declared
Mary better get the family donkey prepared!
O Alleluia! Sing to the Lord!
Thank him that a cast-away is back on board.
We’ve got to wear these shades, the future is so bright
Now Mr Humbug, at last, has seen the light!


Going Crackers Opening Song

Verse 1 We’re going crackers! Such excitement we can’t hide.
Hope Santa’s sack has lots of things for us inside.
When Christmas morning comes,
(So sorry dads and mums)
We’ll be out of bed before
5:30 AM for sure!
We’re going crackers! It happens every year,
And that’s ’cause Christmas time is here!

Verse 2 We’re going crackers, let our inhibitions go.
Hope for some smackers underneath the mistletoe!
But Great-Gran’s sloppy kiss
Is one I’d like to miss!
Still I’ll put up with it,
She’s bought me a Man U kit! *
We’re going crackers! It happens every year,
And that’s ’cause Christmas time is here!

Verse 3 We’re going crackers, tucking in to Christmas fare
That’s burnt as black as coal, but no-one seems to care!
We crash out finally
In front of the TV,
Where her majesty the Queen
Tells us how her year has been.
We’re going crackers! It happens every year,
And that’s ’cause Christmas time is here!

La la la la la……………..

Our Christmas Lyrics

We’ve Had A Bellyfull!

Verse 1
It doesn’t help that the days are getting shorter,
Or cold winds are blowing where they didn’t oughta!
It’s enough that there’s no time to do the shopping.
Feeling festive? We just feel like dropping.

(All) And when we thought things couldn’t get worse
We’ve fallen foul of the ‘Humbug curse’.
This Christmas will be miserable,
We’ve well and truly had a belly full.

Verse 2
It doesn’t help that the classroom is freezing,
There’s no end to the coughing and the sneezing.
It’s enough that we’re all shivering like jellies,
And we all have come to school in wellies!

(All) We got as low as we thought we could get,
But it seems we ain’t seen nothing yet!
This Christmas will be miserable,
We’ve well and truly had a belly full.

Verse 3
It doesn’t help that our work is never-ending,
And there are cards that we’ve not got round to sending.

It’s enough that we’ll get no free time on Sunday,
We’ve got homework that must be in on Monday.

(All) We had a silver lining to our cloud,
But now we’re told that’s not allowed.
This Christmas will be miserable,
We’ve well and truly had a belly full.
We’ve well and truly had a belly full.

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Mr Moulton’s Outdoor 4a Crew!

A job well done!

A job well done!

Man at work!

Man at work!

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Ghoulish, gruesome ghost stories in year 4.

Ghost Story Stimulus!!

Ghost Story Stimulus!! In year 4 we have delved into the world of ghosts and ghouls. Alma, who entered a chilling doll shop, has been our stimulus for our first week of ghost stories. Stay tuned for our examples of our shared writing. Ooooo!

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